2 years croit software


After we put the first alpha version of our software into operation at our first user 2 years ago, we thought it would be good to see how far we have come until today.

The first real installation was already done in April 2017 for a current customer from the German media landscape, who replaced his Big-Data Datalake. Thanks to a lot of feedback, our developers were able to quickly bring the software up to beta level. Of course, this version was only the basis of a cluster deployment, but all essential components were already supported.

With the first public releases v1708 and v1710 we extended the features and solved additional problems of more and more customers. Up to our first anniversary and the stable release v1801 we had already won numerous national and international customers.

In 2018 our focus was on the expansion of functions to meet the growing demands of our customers. We did this very well and were also able to expand our training, hardware procurement and consulting activities.

Now in 2019, we have been able to integrate all functions necessary for our existing customers with the release of v1901 and, thanks to our first permanent employees, have been able to grow not only our founding team but also our personnel.

In the coming years we would also like to reach Ceph installations in the missing countries with the help of our software. Therefore we are looking for partners, users and customers who are active in these countries and want to help us to support the distribution of the free and licensed software. In addition to attractive reselling models for service providers, we also offer 6 free months for the first installation of a country that has not yet been marked on the map! Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to get the free license.

We are looking forward to another great and exciting time and will soon present another software solution for the administrator's day-to-day problems. Stay tuned!