To activate Zabbix, you must first create a short event hook script. This is necessary because we boot all systems with a clean operating system image via PXE, so any manually installed software would be lost after rebooting.

To do this, navigate in our software to the menu item Maintenance and then to Events. Now create a new script which you can activate either on all servers or at least on the MON servers.

Name: Install Zabbix Agent
Event: PreDaemonStart

apt-get -y install zabbix-agent
Create zabbix install event

Please execute it once afterwards, in order to install the required package.

You can now open the admin shell an execute

ceph mgr module enable zabbix
Zabbix enable module

In order to get zabbix working, you have to configure it according to your installation. Please set the server with command

ceph zabbix config-set zabbix_host "zabbix1,zabbix2:2222,zabbix3:3333"

Please see for configuration details.