Setting up S3

  • RGW (Rados Gateway) provides an object store interface
  • It implements both Swift (OpenStack) and S3 (Amazon)
  • It has lots of advanced features to handle multi-site setup

# Rados Gateways

To access your croit cluster with S3, you first need to create the RGWs.

  • Navigate to http://mgmt-node:8080/services
  • Press + S3 in the action bar at the bottom of your window
  • Select all servers you want the services running on
Create S3 services

You can track the service creation process in the notification area in the upper right corner.

# High Availability

Clients can connect to any RGW instance directly. However you probably want to make it highly available by setting up a failover. Learn how to do so here.


Now all that is left, is to actually create a user, to access your cluster.

You should now be able to access your cluster using any S3 client.
We also provide a s3cmd config for each user.

S3 User Creation


You don't have to use any third party clients however. You can just use our built-in S3 Explorer.

  • Navigate to http://mgmt-node:8080/s3
  • Create a bucket, give it a name and owner
  • Select default-placement as placement rule
  • Add at least one Access Control List (ACL)
S3 Bucket Creation

#S3 Explorer

Once the bucket is created, double click it, or select it and press Objects.
Press Upload and upload some files.

Since S3 is object storage there technically aren't any folders, but you can prefix files with for example lorem/ and instead of the file you will see a "folder" called lorem.

To access files in a "folder" you can just double click it. You can move, copy and delete files like in any other file explorer by using the usual shortcuts.

S3 Explorer

#TLS/SSL Certificate

Whenever you expose the RGW S3 Gateways directly to clients, you may want to use valid certificates for security and convenience reasons.

Ceph RGW requires the Certificate as PEM file encoded. Please prepare a valid certificate from your cert authority and navigate to Settings and click the upload icon on RGW SSL CERT. You can automate that using our API and any scripting language of your choice.

S3 certificate upload

#NFS access

Learn how to setup NFS access here.