Common Problems

#Something won't work the way it is supposed to

  • Make sure you either don't have a firewall running between your management node and your Ceph servers, or open the necessary ports.
  • Verify that you have enough storage space on the management node
  • Check the log of the croit container by executing docker logs croit on the management node

#Unable to communicate with Ceph

When our Management Solution is unable to reach Ceph Services, the GUI will not show correct information.

Please verify that your mgmt node can reach any Ceph host on the following ports:

  • 443 for RadosGW (RGW) services
  • 3300 for the messenger v2 protocol
  • 6789 for the MON serivces
  • 6800 to 7300 for OSD services

#No Statistics and/or Logs showing up

Please verfiy that the ports are open and our services are bound to them:

  • 19531 for log files
  • 23648 for statistics

#Security updates are not installed automatically

Please verfiy that the port is open and our service is bound to it:

  • 3142 for apt-cacher-ng