Diskless server boot via PXE

Operating system via the network into the memory?

On our long way with Ceph, we started quite classically with our own operating system per server. This works of course, but requires a variety of scripts, tools and mechanisms to automate typical tasks such as operating system updates. In addition, the hard disk occupies a valuable slot within the server chassis.

Therefore we switched to using SATA dome or USB sticks as operating system hard disks. After initial successes, however, we found performance problems and reduced reliability.

The advantages are considerable:

  • Saving of HDD slots in the chassis
  • Automatic deployment of servers
  • Easy debugging or upgrading by rebooting
  • Infinite scalability, switch it on and you’re done!
  • … and more!

Therefore we developed an operating system based on PXE, Syslinux and other tools that can be rolled out live over the network, started and operated without installation.

Safe, reliable, easy and comfortable!

PXE Boot Images
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