Export CephFS via Samba


What does a storage do if you can't access it?

CephFS is a great development of Ceph, but unfortunately the support for direct integration of a CephFS t is not very widespread on the market.

To avoid compatibility or dependency problems, croit provides a variety of options such as SMB. Thus, all data within CephFS can be easily and conveniently connected to existing typical legacy systems.

For example, if you have many user directories, especially with different operating systems such as Windows and Linux, you can run them simultaneously as SMB and NFS shares and deploy them seamlessly.

Furthermore, a backup system can be scaled via the Samba share. In addition, it is often easier to integrate legacy Windows software via SMB shares. Your IT environment becomes almost infinitely scalable and protects your budged.

But that’s not all, of course there are other connection options such as NFS available.

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Export CephFS via NFS (v3/v4)