High performance storage architecture

luckycloud and croit join forces

The Berlin-based cloud provider luckycloud GmbH and croit GmbH, provider of the storage management software of the same name, are now joining forces. luckycloud uses croit for the automated administration of the new ceph storage backend. The object-based storage solution has replaced the original file-system based storage technology at luckycloud since 2018.

“In our opinion, object-oriented storage or the use of a ceph backend is unbeatable in terms of performance, reliability and scalability,” says Luc Mader, founder and CEO of luckycloud. Ceph is an open source software that follows the approach of object-based storage. In contrast to conventional storage backends, where data is stored in a file system, Ceph organizes data as so-called objects. This creates a storage cluster that can be scaled up to peta or even exabyte size.

“However, Ceph storage clusters are extremely complex, so we were looking for a simplification option at the same time. With croit, we not only found the ideal solution for this, but also reliable business partners at eye level,” adds Mader. croit provides a web-based user interface that greatly simplifies Ceph’s complex storage technology. Luc Mader: “This makes croit a deployment and management solution with meaningful status and statistical dashboards. In numbers, croit’s dashboard replaces two full-time system administrators.”

“We are very pleased that luckycloud has chosen our solution”, says co-founder and managing director of croit, Martin Verges. “Last but not least, the openness of luckycloud opens up the possibility of implementing new approaches and technologies in the environment of hundreds of millions of data and customers - a scenario in which all parties involved can only win.” More information: https://luckycloud.de

About croit

The core motivation of the croit founding team, which includes Martin Verges, Paul Emmerich and Matthias Grandl, was to provide reliable and easy-to-use management software for Ceph storage clusters. In 2017, croit GmbH was founded with the mission to redefine the management of storage clusters and to make it efficient, secure and convenient via the storage management software of the same name. One of the founders is also a member of the Ceph Foundation and has a seat on the board. The foundation was established in 2018 under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation and is intended to help manage the massive growth of data from cloud, container and AI applications. https://croit.io

luckycloud GmbH

luckycloud GmbH is a German file hosting service with a special focus on security, data protection and availability. The IT infrastructure is solely owned by the Berlin-based company and is located in Germany. Due to the Zero-Knowledge-Cloud principle and a 3-fold encryption, users retain the sovereignty and sovereignty over their data. With the consistent use of open source software, the company also creates the necessary transparency to guarantee maximum privacy.

With its offers, the start-up wants to set a counterweight to the mass and systematic data collection of large Internet companies, both for private end customers and for companies and organizations. In addition to the storage service, the luckycloud portfolio also includes the Team Manager services, the webmail and e-mail hosting service Mail Manager and, for B2B customers, the luckycloud Box and the luckycloud pro DataRoom Manager for resellers.

To be able to store data securely in a cloud independent of large corporations was the founding idea of CEO Luc Mader in 2015 and is still the maxim of the cloud provider today. Several thousand users are already using the services of luckycloud, which have already been attested to their high quality by top marks in various tests. In 2019, the company won the eco-Award of the Association of the German Internet Industry in the hosting category.