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croit - the best in class software defined Ceph storage management solution

Our goal is to achieve an indescribable sense of safety and reliability in the operation of Ceph Clusters. Therefore, croit was extensively tested in real world environments and developed with the help of the feedback. croit is probably the best independent management software for Ceph storage clusters.

  • Monitoring

    Thanks to integrated real-time analyses you always have an overview of everything that happens within your storage infrastructure. With comprehensive graphic evaluations, you will not only see important information about your performance but also potential problems long before they first occur. So, it is easy to audit your capacity, performance capability, and SLAs at any time.

  • Diskless OS

    Updates and upgrades are part of the daily routine in the digital world, but they should not disrupt business. Security vulnerabilities are found daily in a wide range of products, and these must be resolved by experienced IT administrators. Diskless OS allows fully automatic security updates without interrupting storage services – at any time and with no risk.

  • Update Management

    Operating systems, applications, and the relevant libraries are upgraded to new versions at a key stroke with our standardized, Debian-based diskless OS. croit takes over scheduled restarts and permanently supervises the infrastructure, so that updates can be installed at any time with no downtime.

  • Hardware Management

    A lot of hardware comes with storage. The larger and more comprehensive this hardware is, the more difficult it is for administrators to keep an eye on everything. croit actively assists with graphic and tabled evaluations, providing a clear indication as to what hardware is part of the Ceph storage environment.

  • Central logging

    To keep you fully and clearly informed about any failure reports, croit collects all log messages from the cluster and prepares these for simple evaluation. You do not miss even the smallest detail.

  • 100% API

    A variety of environments often causes problems when integrating into business processes. croit provides complete API implementation, so that all information and configurations are integrated seamlessly into your business processes.

  • Helpdesk / Service

    Trust is good, certainty is better! croit provides you with support for any problems that may arise. If you can progress no further or there are deep-seated technical issues, you have a team of professional Ceph administrators ready to help you. Our support team keeps a cool head, even with problems in the data center.

  • Open Source

    As Open Source software, Ceph already provides many excellent solutions in its Community version for smaller clusters or IT teams with greater know-how. Open Source allows adjustment to individual requirements and saves costs.

  • Audit Log

    Issues such as ISO 27001 and BSI basic protection - and many others - are impossible for many companies to ignore in their day-to-day operations. For this reason, we have integrated internal auditing of all procedures and events.

  • Mobile and Big Screen

    You do not always have your desktop available if there is a problem, or if you would simply like to test whether all systems are functioning properly. Therefore, our application is optimized for all possible screens: from mobile phones made by any manufacturer (Android, iOS, etc.) to high-resolution displays used by modern IT teams - irrespective of whether these are 4K, 5K or 8K.

  • Independent of the operating system

    Thanks to our up-to-date HTML5 and Vue2 implementation, our software can be used with any system that has a current generation browser installed.

The largest software suite does not always provide the biggest pay-back. Below is an overview of the differences between versions to make your choice easier:
Description Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Very simple installation Yes Yes
Setting up a new cluster Yes Yes
Automatic security updates Yes Yes
Easy CRUSH map administration Yes Yes
Simple hardware management Yes Yes
FileStore OSDs Yes Yes
BlueStore OSDs Yes Yes
Monitoring and Statistics Yes Yes
Audit Log Yes Yes
Automatic migration between Ceph Versions Yes Yes
100% API support Yes Yes
Optimised for mobile Yes Yes
4K, 5K and 8K displays Yes Yes
Diskless OS – testing Yes Yes
Diskless OS – stable Yes Yes (guaranteed)
Export Statistics to Grafana Yes Yes
Basic service & support No Yes
24*7*365 Service & support No Yes (optional)
Redundant management system No Yes
LDAP Users & Groups No Yes
Centralized logging No Yes
Update management No Yes
RGW S3/Swift No Yes
NFS Gateway No Yes
High-Availabilty NFS, RGW and SMB No Yes
Export CephFS via NFS No Yes
Export CephFS via Samba No Yes
  • S3 & Swift compatible: “Ceph provides object storage functionality with an interface that is compatible with a large subset of the Amazon S3 RESTful API and OpenStack Swift API. It can be used as a drop-in replacement for Amazon S3 storage.”
  • NFS exports: “Ceph Block Storage as well as CephFS can be exported via NFS. This allows proprietary software solutions like VMware to store virtual machine disks on our cost-optimized high performance cloud storage.”
  • Virtual machines: “Regardless whether you are using Proxmox, KVM, OpenStack, VMware or another cloud environments, they all need dynamically scalable and reliable storage.”
  • Backup: “New data sets are being generated every day and these have to be safeguarded in companies, just as they are in your personal life. croit makes it simple to implement a safe backup strategy.”
  • Big Data: “What if you process enormous amounts of data? For example, analysing the weather over the past 100 years to predict tomorrow’s weather? Ceph gives you a link to Hadoop and croit ensures that you can fully concentrate on your application.”
Do you need more features from croit? If so, you can extend your existing environment with a licence upgrade. The costs for this are simple and transparent.

Price calculator

300 € / Month
The price per OSD (in line with a physical HDD or SSD, regardless of capacity) is based on the following take-ups:
Amount Price per Month
Base Package including 25 OSD licenses € 300.00
OSD 26 to 50 € 8.00
OSD 51 to 100 € 6.00
OSD 101 to 250 € 4.50
OSD 251 to 500 € 3.50
OSD 501 to 1000 € 3.00
OSD 1001 or more Please contact us
All prices are subject to VAT if applicable and refer to the price per month. Should you decide on an advance payment, you will receive a discount according to the following table:
Period Discount
6 Month 7.50%
12 Month 12.50%
24 Month 20.00%
Our license model is as flexible as your storage. During the contract period, you can obtain further licenses according to need, with the same conditions. These will be charged at the most favorable tiered rate for the relevant contract period.

API documentation

Currently, the software is still in development, so it might occur that some API descriptions will change in the future. But we think our current version is in a good and near finished state, so that it is near save to use it in your projects. However, our software is designed to simplify your daily work, which gives you a 100% REST API (Maturity Model Level 2) that is easy to use. This allows you to connect existing business logic or administrative tools directly with croit and save operating costs. To read the API docs, please visist If you find bugs, need additional API’s or any other feedback that you want provide us. Please feel free to contact us!