First release of Ceph Nautilus v14.2.0


We are pleased to announce the release of Ceph Nautilus v14.2.0. Our software tests are already in full swing and the first nightly tests can of course already be carried out with our Unified Storage Solution. In the latest Ceph release commits of more than 300 contributors have been added, including of course ourselfs as Ceph Foundatation founding member.

For a detailed changelog please refer to the official blog entry at

In our future software releases we can therefore integrate new helpful functions to improve the usability of Ceph. Among them the following highlights:

  • RADOS: Support for encryption on the wire
  • RADOS: Reducing the number of PGs and automatic tuning of PGs
  • RADOS: More effectively prioritize the most important PGs for recovery and backfill
  • RGW: S3 lifecycle transition for tiering between storage classes
  • RBD: Support for separate image namespaces within a pool for tenant isolation
  • RBD: Live-migration with minimal downtime between pools or to new layouts

As in our previous software versions, we make life as easy as possible for our users. Therefore v1905 is the first automatic upgrade procedure from Mimic to Nautilus.

You can find more on our Youtube Channel or in this video.