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unified software-defined storage by croit

It's our passion to solve your storage needs

croit offers the perfect storage management solution to meet any requirement.

Whether you need lots of capacity, rapid access, or perfect geo-redundancy, software-defined storage with Ceph is easy to implement with croit!

With croit you are able to use RBD and CephFS, NFS, S3, SWIFT as well as many other Storage Connectors. This gives you a unique way to make your storage versatile and flexible, while reducing operating costs.

The amount of digitization continues to increase and its progress is now unstoppable.

As a result, companies are holding larger and larger mountains of data. Did you know - according to a study by “EMC Digital Universe” - that the quantity of data produced annually will grow ten times by 2020 to 44 zettabytes? That’s the equivalent of 44 billion gigabytes! This means “Big Data” will become a huge challenge. Apart from the steadily growing requirement for space to store all this data, there will be even clearer demands for improved availability - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Apps too will have to do more and function more quickly.

All these factors will result in the IT departments of companies having to find an optimal and affordable solution for dealing efficiently with their data. The solution is called Ceph; a software-defined storage cluster that operates on conventional server hardware and can provide vast, trouble-free storage capacity. Ceph can save all your redundant, scalable und accessible data cost-effectively.

We at croit will ensure that you can use Ceph.

You will not need your own large, experienced team of experts, nor complicated forward planning. croit will provide everything you need for daily use. We will help you operate a:

  • multi-redundant
  • highly accessible
  • ultra high-performing and
  • near-infinitely scalable cloud storage environment.

Our software takes on all tasks

including operating systems, their updates, Ceph software and hard disk and error management. Our solutions also cover statistics, notifications, and user management. With croit, you can start to operate a fully-functioning Ceph storage environment in a virtual or physical set-up in under five minutes.

If you don’t already know Ceph, find out more in this video: