unified software-defined storage by croit

It's our passion to solve your storage needs

We are paving the way for your own storage cluster

By offering professional consulting, cherry-picked hardware and our very own storage management software (based on Ceph), we are perfectly equipped to make your journey to an on-premise storage cluster as smooth as possible.

Whether you need lots of capacity, rapid access, or perfect geo-redundancy, software-defined storage has never been easier thanks to croit.

With croit you are able to use RBD and CephFS, NFS, S3, SWIFT as well as many other storage connectors. This gives you a unique way to make your storage versatile and flexible, while reducing operating costs.

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Our software takes on all tasks

including operating systems, their updates, Ceph software-, disk- and error-management. Our beautiful web-based user interface also covers statistics, notifications, and user management. With croit, you can start to operate a fully-functional Ceph storage environment in a virtual or physical set-up in under five minutes.

Don't hesitate to learn more about the modern way to manage Ceph storage.


Need some hardware first?

You're at the right address! We'll personally guide you through the hardware-picking process. Everyones storage needs are different, so it's important to know what's right for your usecase.

Once you're happy with your individual server configuration you'll be able to order directly through croit or your prefered distributor.

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Your Ceph cluster is on fire?

Whenever you store business-critical data on your storage, it is important to know a good partner at your side. With our highly qualified storage experts, you always have the concentrated knowledge from years of operation.

Well what are you waiting for? Time is money and we have storage experts on standby just for you!


Want to learn from the best?

Knowledge is power, therefore we want to impart you the greatest possible knowledge about Ceph Storage, Linux, networks and other topics.

Our specialists, who are in daily contact with the technology, impart extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of inestimable value.

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We are hiring!