Follow the live status of the current development


In the past, we have been asked frequently which features we are currently working on, what functions are on the roadmap and what goals we have for our innovative Ceph storage management solution. In order to allow our users to participate in the development of our software, a new Trello Board has been created and filled with initial data.

our trello board

Which information can be found on the board?

Starting with the software release v1708, we have introduced significant feature developments or usability improvements. Many of the cards contain screenshots or small animations to help you understand quickly and easily how it works. Some tickets contain additional information in the respective card text which explain background or functions in more detail.

A list of the functions planned for the next release can therefore be found quickly on the board. All functions under development or ready to use can be tested via our Nightly relases.

How often is the board updated?

We always try to inform you regularly and promptly about new functions or developments.

What's Trello?

Trello is a web-based project management software operated by Atlassian with more than 19 million users.

Who can participate in discussions there?

Every registered user can comment on the development on our publicly available Trello Board and submit his own suggestions and suggestions. We appreciate any suggestion and are looking forward to a more intense exchange with the croit community, however please understand that we cannot simply fulfill every wish, especially if it conflicts with our own development goals.