New Feature: RadosGW with S3 RESTful API


We're delighted to announce that from release April 1st 2017, our software includes first basic functions for providing ceph RESTful S3 API Ceph RESTful S3 API with RadowGW (

Which features are supported?

As of today, croit supports one-click installation and configuration of a RadosGW Zone. To do so, the service has to be activated accordingly on the servers and is then rolled out automatically by our management software. The respective CRUSH rules can then conviniently be asigned to those newly created RadosGW zone pools in order to ensure the desired data distribution. A feature to create new acesses is already implemented and can be added to existing processes via the croit API.

How is a S3 API used in the Storage Cluster?

There are numerous use cases for S3-based connections of products/software/services to the scalable ceph storage cluster. Please find selected use cases below:

  • Apache Hadoop, one of the world's most popular big data solutions, offers a direct connection to ceph cluster with S3A. Big data applications can be connected easily and conviniently to the cluster you've set up with croit with this plugin. Processing huge amounts of data becomes possible very easy, at low costs.

  • NextCloud (as well as OwnCloud) is a great cloud solution alternative to Dropbox. NextCloud synchronizes data to a central hub and hence between all devices like desktop, mobile, or tablet. To do so, simply add the S3 access you've set up with croit to the admin panel under External Storages. The cloud storage will then be able to scale out virtually limitless utilizing your underlying Ceph storage.

  • s3cmd is a free cli tool to manage files stored in S3. s3cmd connects to the croit RadosGW S3, but also with Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or DreamHost DreamObjects. It's perfect to manage files on different cloud or storage environments as well as to manage automatic backup processes.

There are numerous further products and use cases by using the popular S3 API. Recent software tools and apps are often developed with S3 support.

Which features will croit be focusing on in the future?

Following our mission to develop the best independent software solution for managing Ceph storage clusters, we will focus on further developing the so far limited features for S3 API extensively. Planned and in development are extensive statistic features and a sophisticated user rights management, the management of different regions, caching, and further optimiztation to provide an even more convinient and powerful software solution.