Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I connect to VMware ESXi environments?

Can I modify the PXE boot image?

Can I run several clusters at the same time?

Can I use LDAP for user management?

Can I use my existing S3 app with croit?

Can I use Okta for user management?

Do I need a backup of the management node?

Do you offer public Debian Ceph mirrors?

Do you offer SLA (service level agreements)?

How big can CephFS scale?

How can my company benefit from croit?

How to change the S3 gateway certificate?

Is it difficult to perform an update?

Is it possible to migrate existing clusters?

Is there a guide for upgrading Ceph?

What are the advantages of block storage?

What are the advantages of object storage?

What are the benefits of the network boot?

What are the disadvantages of block storage?

What are the disadvantages of object storage?

What happens if I do not renew my license?

What is block storage?

What is CephFS?

What is croit storage?

What is Erasure code?

What is object storage?

Where can i find information about the next release?

Where can I find your API documentation?

Which processors support croit?

Which server manufacturers are supported?

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