All our features in one go

Free Version
Paid Subscription
Automatic security updates
Increased security and stability
100% pure Ceph
Unblocked update path
Very simple GUI based cluster installation
Installation of Clusters from scratch in minutes
Cluster wide update management
Automated OS and (minor) Ceph updates
Automated Ceph release migration
Easy upgrade to new (major) Ceph versions
RGW auth key management
Manage access to object storage
RBD auth key management
Manage access to block stroage
Manage pools (create, edit, delete, ...)
Easy GUI based storage pool administration
Manage PGs (recover, backfill, ...)
Easy GUI based overview and management of PG‘s data operation‘s
Manage OSDs (create, delete, start, stop,...)
Reliable OSD deployment and management
Manage MONs (create, delete, start, stop,...)
Reliable MON deployment and management
Manage MDS (create, delete, start, stop,...)
Reliable MDS deployment and management
Maintenance mode (enable/disable ceph flags like noout, noup,...)
Easy cluster maintenance
Simple hardware management
Keep track of your storage hardware inventory
Easy Crush map Administration
GUI based editing of your data distribution, no error-prone editing of txt files
Direct html5 based root console
Seamless integration of all work steps ever required
Single and multiple network connections via LACP with arbitrary bandwith
High availability and scalability within you existing ethernet infrasturcture
S3 Explorer
Direct management of the object store without additional software
Replicated pools
Reduces the IO requirement for better performance
LACP based Network loadbalancing
Highly available network connection
Hardware independent
no vendor lock-in, commodity hardware can be used
Harddisk Benchmarking
Possibilities for testing the expected performance
Erasure Coding (EC) pools
Reduces space requirements and thus saves costs
Diskless server boot via PXE
Optimized data density and reduced costs
CephFS Explorer
Direct management of the POSIX Filesystem
High-Availability SMB with CTDB
Increased reliability and availability of data
High-Availability RGW with keepalived
Saves resources and costs of load balancers
High-Availability NFS with keepalived
Increased reliability and availability of data
High-Availability iSCSI
Reliable integration with proprietary solutions
High-Availability Groups
Increased availabiltiy for mission critical usage
Cluster configuration auto tuning
Optimize performance and reduce costs
Automatic Management Node Backup
easy recovery in case of loss of the management system
100% pure RESTful API
Seamless integration in existing solutions
Okta Single Sign On (SSO)
Central independent cloud based user management
LDAP Users & Groups
Easy integration in your environment
Export Statistics to Grafana
Easy integration in existing Grafana installations
Event hooks for individual scripts
Modify and extend croit to your needs
Centralized logging based on SystemD-JournalD
All logfiles in one place and protected and protected against manipulation
SMART information and warning
Detect disk failures early to improve reliability
Ready to use Nagios plugin
Easy integration with your existing monitoring systems
Graphite database for external tools like grafana
Easy integration with your existing monitoring systems
Pre build grafana dashboards
Deep insight in your clusters state at a glance
S3-API compatible object storage
High-performance S3 object storage
S3 via NFS
access to modern object store from proprietary solutions
Vendor independent object storage
RADOS Block Device (RBD)
High-performance block storage
Export RBD via iSCSI
Vendor independent block storage integration
Scale-out posix file system
Export CephFS via Samba
Even more file system access to your storage cluster
Export CephFS via NFS (v3/v4)
Vendor independent network file system
Vlan based network configuration
Seperate client and storage traffic and increase network security by seperation
User management (admin or read-only)
Control access to your storage management system
Audit Log
Trackable and auditable system changes
Basic service & support
Our croit/Ceph experts at your disposal
24*7*365 service & support
Support for your operations around the clock
Unrestricted ssh access
Every freedom imaginable to improve the use of the system
Mobile support
Check and manage your cluster on every device
Complete lifecycle managment of MONs, OSDs, MDSs, MGRs and RGWs
Fast and easy management, no shell required (in comparison to other solutions)
Prebuild Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
KPIs help to detect premature errors or bottlenecks.
4k, 5k and 8k displays
Prepared to run on your biggest monitoring screens