Reliable and convenient storage management, comfortable and highly scalable: This is croit. We’re here to facilitate your storage management, so you can focus on growing your core business.


Our core platform has been optimized to run scalable and vendor-independent infrastructures. Network booted servers equipped with a Linux operating system maintained, tested, and provided by croit, allow you to run individual software reliably and with little effort.


All configurations are easily and comfortably created directly from a modern and user-friendly web interface and activated within a few seconds. It also complements existing IPAM and DCIM management tools and saves valuable time, thanks to the high degree of automation using APIs.


Can’t predict the future? You don’t need to guess next years requirements when planning your croit cluster, our platform has you covered. Just add new servers and add them to existing resource pools or create new ones.


Our platform is open. A Rest API, event scripts and configuration templates allow you to customize services and adapt them to your specific needs.

image of croit's ceph software user interface

croit for Ceph Storage Management

Being avid Ceph users ourselves for many years, we were keen to bring all our knowledge about Ceph, Linux and networks into a solution that we believe to be outstanding. We strongly believe that our software not only solves many recurring problems that we have experienced ourselves in any other form of Ceph deployment, but also reduces the total cost of scale-out of storage.

Our solution will help you to grow your business without worrying about the usual problems. Thanks to the openness of our solution, there are no lock-in effects. You can always use hardware from any manufacturer, as well as seamlessly deploy alternative Ceph solutions in the same storage.

This puts you in the unique position to operate state-of-the-art scale-out storage at best conditions with perfect support.

croit includes the following core components:

  • Full life cycle management of all Ceph components (MON, MGR, OSD, RGW, MDS,…)
  • Fully automated Minor and Major Ceph Upgrades
  • Internal statistics, metrics and logs of all components
  • and much more

croit for DAOS Storage

Together with our partner Intel, we have created a solution for easy manageability of DAOS storage systems. It is a high performance data storage, which stands out especially through its incredible performance. We are convinced that DAOS offers new possibilities, especially for HPC applications, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and that its features and performance are superior to alternatives on the market.

Key features:

  • DAOS is a high-performant independent and fault-tolerant storage tier
  • designed from the ground up for massively distributed Non Volatile Memory (NVM)
  • presenting a ultra high performance key-value storage interface
  • features such as transactional non-blocking I/O and advanced data protection with self-healing
croit platform image of DAOS storage