Ceph - a scalable distributed storage system

#Our Software Solution for Ceph Storage

Being avid Ceph users ourselves for many years, we were keen to bring all our knowledge about Ceph, Linux and networks into a solution that we believe to be outstanding. We strongly believe that our software not only solves many recurring problems that we have experienced ourselves in any other form of Ceph deployment, but also reduces the total cost of scale-out of storage.

Our solution will help you grow your business without worrying about the usual problems. Thanks to the openness of our solution, there are no lock-in effects. You can always use hardware from any manufacturer, as well as seamlessly deploy alternative Ceph solutions in the same storage.

This puts you in the unique position to operate state-of-the-art scale-out storage at best conditions with perfect support.

croit Software Defined Storage

#Common uses for Ceph storage

We consider Ceph a real all-rounder, mainly because Ceph combines block, file, and object storage in a software-defined scale-out model. Thanks to numerous additional protocols, it is also possible to connect almost any device beyond the modern proprietary protocols.

This is surely one of the main reasons for customers to adopt Ceph and use it for years and decades. There is no lock-in, no limitations or restrictions that force a user to replace storage after adoption. Even hardware updates or replacement of existing hardware can be done at any time during operation, of course without any downtime.

But it doesn’t stop at flexibility. After almost a decade of Ceph storage operation, we’ve been amazed again and again by Ceph’s outstanding reliability: It’s almost impossible to lose data! Thanks to sophisticated features, all data is always guaranteed to be stored correctly on the underlying media and measures such as scrubbing are taken to prevent bit rotting.

#Examples of how Ceph is used

  • S3 Object storage
    • Storing modern application data
    • Archiving and Backup cases
  • File Server (CephFS, NFS, CIFS/SMB)
    • Storing legacy application data
    • Providing user shares
    • Shared persistent storage for Kubernetes, Nomad,..
  • Block Storage (RBD, iSCSI)
    • Virtual Maschine disk images
    • Optimized cost effective scaling data storage

These are just a few examples, the list is almost unlimited and you can find all kinds of applications.

#When not to use Ceph storage

This security, versatility and freedom does not come for free. It costs on commodity hardware performance to make all this possible. Ceph is therefore not suitable for the highest demands at extremely high IO rates. For this, we offer DAOS, an ultra fast storage, which is optimized for exactly this purpose and together with Ceph harmoniously enables a multi-tier setup.

#Hands-on Webinar

We recorded one of our webinars and published it on Youtube. It gives an overview of the Ceph components and the installation process of our Ceph management software.