croit storage management software

easy to use, beautiful, sophisticated

  • no lock-in

    No manufacturer lock-in. Thanks to open source technology, you can use hardware from any manufacturer as long as they have Linux drivers. The same applies to our solution, of course. If you are not satisfied, you can migrate your cluster to another Ceph based solution or manually configured Linux at any time and without service interruption.

  • real unified storage

    True unified storage that puts no restrictions whatsoever in your way. Starting with Ceph's own RBD, CephFS and S3, we can make RBD available via ISCSI, CephFS on NFS or SMB/CIFS and S3 over NFS. So there is no system that cannot be connected to our solution.

  • Monitoring

    Thanks to integrated real-time analyses you always have an overview of everything that happens within your storage infrastructure. With comprehensive graphic evaluations, you will not only see important information about your performance but also potential problems long before they first occur. So, it is easy to audit your capacity, performance capability, and SLAs at any time.

  • Diskless OS

    Updates and upgrades are part of the daily routine in the digital world, but they should not disrupt business. Security vulnerabilities are found daily in a wide range of products, and these must be resolved by experienced IT administrators. Diskless OS allows fully automatic security updates without interrupting storage services – at any time and with no risk.

  • Update Management

    Operating systems, applications, and the relevant libraries are upgraded to new versions at a key stroke with our standardized, Debian-based diskless OS. croit takes over scheduled restarts and permanently supervises the infrastructure, so that updates can be installed at any time with no downtime.

  • Hardware Management

    A lot of hardware comes with storage. The larger and more comprehensive this hardware is, the more difficult it is for administrators to keep an eye on everything. croit actively assists with graphic and tabled evaluations, providing a clear indication as to what hardware is part of the Ceph storage environment.

  • Central logging

    To keep you fully and clearly informed about any failure reports, croit collects all log messages from the cluster and prepares these for simple evaluation. You do not miss even the smallest detail.

  • 100% RESTful API

    A variety of environments often causes problems when integrating into business processes. croit provides complete API implementation, so that all information and configurations are integrated seamlessly into your business processes.

  • Helpdesk / Service

    Trust is good, certainty is better! croit provides you with support for any problems that may arise. If you can progress no further or there are deep-seated technical issues, you have a team of professional Ceph administrators ready to help you. Our support team keeps a cool head, even with problems in the data center.

  • Audit Log

    Issues such as ISO 27001 and BSI basic protection - and many others - are impossible for many companies to ignore in their day-to-day operations. For this reason, we have integrated internal auditing of all procedures and events.

  • Mobile and Big Screen

    'You do not always have your desktop available if there is a problem, or if you would simply like to test whether all systems are functioning properly. Therefore, our application is optimized for all possible screens: from mobile phones made by any manufacturer (Android, iOS, etc.) to high-resolution displays used by modern IT teams - irrespective of whether these are 4K, 5K or 8K.'

  • Independent of the operating system

    Thanks to our up-to-date HTML5 and Vue2 implementation, our software can be used with any system that has a current generation browser installed.

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