About croit

The minds behind the company

We - Martin Verges, Paul Emmerich and Matthias Grandl - are a trio of IT enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are the founders of croit, each with a successful and interesting track record. Today croit consists of a growing team of experts for ceph, storage, Linux and network technology.

Martin Verges

Managing Director

Martin Verges started learning software development at the age of 11 with Borland Turbo Pascal in 1994. As a young internet pioneer, he developed websites, shop systems and software of all types for customers from 1997. In 2001, he set up his first hosting company “Server Networks”, which was re-named “Digitallabs Network GmbH” in 2004. In 2003, he developed his own DDoS solution and in 2006, having achieved a seven-figure turnover, he sold the company assets to take on new challenges. In 2007, Verges began by renaming the business First Colo GmbH, where he planned and set up a data center, its entire IT infrastructure, and Europe-wide backbone. Connections to more than 500 external networks, a 100-Gbit/s-VXLAN core network and its own DDoS scrubbing centre highlighted the highest standards in security, performance and availability.

Having achieved year-on-year growth which averaged over 100% per annum, (authenticated by Deloitte and KPMG), he sold his majority holding at the beginning of 2016 and handed over the business to his business partners. Verges can provide first-hand business and technical advice from his own experience of creating and operating Ceph storage at First Colo GmbH.

Martin Verges

Paul Emmerich

Technical Lead, Back-end Development

Paul Emmerich

Paul has been in the IT industry for many years and is not only a well-known expert in the Ceph ecosystem and also brings deep experience in networking, operating systems, programming languages and many other areas.

In 2018 he was awarded the ANRP IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize at IETF 100 in Singapore. He holds a M. Sc. in Informatics and is currently finalizing his PhD thesis at the Technical University of Munich.

Among others, he published numerous technical papers like “FlowScope: Efficient Packet Capture and Storage in 100 Gbit/s Networks” or “FLOWer - Device Benchmarking Beyond 100 Gbit/s”. Alongside his studies, he has gained practical experience as a dev-ops engineer at First Colo GmbH, where he looks after networks, monitoring, and Storage Systems.

Matthias Grandl

Front-end Development, Usability

Matthias Grandl is the “croit” expert for web development and user experience. Early in his career, the qualified digital and print media designer worked as a software developer, including working for the IMW Group, a publishing house for complex products and services. Apart from his work as Head of Web Development at Proxenos, an agency in the field of traditional and digital communication, Grandl acquired additional skills as Managing Director of ozyrus GmbH.

Matthias Grandl

The croit team

No matter how good a founder, nothing is more important than an outstanding team. That’s why we are looking forward to further developing croit together with our rapidly growing team.

Our team offers the support and the opportunity to create new things together and to overcome boundaries.

Thanks to experienced software developers, system and network administrators as well as sales consultants, we are able to redesign software defined storage together with our users and customers.