croit v2012
now available


This is our fifth release for Ceph Nautilus and our second release for Ceph Octopus, featuring new features, user experience enhancements, and bugfixes.

Please read the upgrade notes at the end of this post carefully before upgrading.

#Graphite stats cleanup

Croit will now automatically delete old graphite stats.
By default stats older than 14 days will be deleted.

You can change this by setting graphiteStatsRetentionDays in config.yml to some other value.

Setting graphiteStatsRetentionDays to 0 will disable stats cleanup.

#realmd + sssd

Experimental: You can now configure Samba to authenticate using realmd and sssd.

#Edit MAC addresses

You can now edit MAC addresses when replacing NICs in a server.
Editing only works while the server is offline.

Take a look at our Docs for the NIC replacement process.

#RBD Snapshot hook

There is a new OnRbdSnapshotComplete hook. It works in a similar way to OnCephFsSnapshotComplete, i.e. it is fired once an automatic RBD snapshot is completed.

#S3 bucket policy management

You can now configure S3 bucket policies through croit. Just click on any bucket and you will see a new policy button.

#RBD iostat

You can now track IO statistics gathered from rbd perf image iostat. You first need to activate monitoring for an RBD by clicking the new Monitor button.
Monitored RBDs will have a Statistics button that will open a statistics view.

Monitoring only works while there is IO on the RBD.

RBDs without IO load will not update their statistics.

#Smaller changes

  • A daily croit backup is automatically stored on all MONs in /var/lib/ceph/mon/
  • MDSs are configured as Active/Standby-replay/Standby by default
  • iSCSI gateways can now be located in networks other than the management network
  • Templates are available during cluster setup
  • TaskAdvisor hints are sorted by severity
  • lots of bugs fixed

#Upgrade notes

If you have enabled the auto-updater, your croit instance should update itself.

As always: ensure that you have a working backup (like our encrypted cloud backup) before upgrading the container.

When upgrading from v1901 or earlier or if you are not yet running Ceph Nautilus: Please refer to the upgrade instructions in the release notes of our v1910 release.

docker rm -f croit
docker run --cap-add=SYS_TIME --net=host -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --restart=always --volumes-from croit-data --name croit -d croit/croit:v2012