• Proxmox and croit collaboration to provide low cost, reliable, fast and secure software storage solution
Proxmox and croit collaboration to provide low cost, reliable, fast and secure software storage solution


Looking for an alternative to high VMware license fees? Discover Proxmox and croit Ceph for a cost-effective, enterprise-grade solution that offers:

Cost Efficiency: Significantly reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO).
Seamless Migration: Transition smoothly with 24×7 support, training, and consulting.
Automated Management: Enjoy quick installs and upgrades, plus effortless maintenance.
Flexible Infrastructure: Choose between hyperconverged or disaggregated storage solutions tailored to your needs.
Enterprise Features: Benefit from Proxmox’s virtualization with KVM and LXC, integrated with croit Ceph for scalable, software-defined storage.

Why Choose Proxmox and croit Ceph?

Open Source Meets Enterprise Scalability: The perfect blend of open-source flexibility with enterprise-level scalability and support.
Integrated Solution: Proxmox’s native support for Ceph offers a seamless, robust combination for optimizing your IT infrastructure.
Efficient Storage Management: With croit Ceph, manage extensive data volumes efficiently, ensuring secure, accessible, and well-organized storage.

Embrace the Future of Virtualization and Storage
Reduce your total cost of ownership and enhance your IT infrastructure with Proxmox and croit Ceph. Contact us to explore how our solutions can revolutionize your virtualization and storage strategies.

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ProxMox Virtual Environment

Proxmox is gaining popularity due to its open-source roots and enterprise-class features. It’s a complete server management platform that tightly integrates KVM hypervisor, Linux Containers (LXC), software-defined storage, and networking. With a user-friendly web interface, you can effortlessly manage VMs, containers, clusters, and disaster recovery.

Proxmox VE offers enterprise-class features with a focus on software-based solutions. It’s ideal for virtualizing IT infrastructure, optimizing resources, and increasing efficiencies at minimal expense. You can easily handle demanding Linux and Windows workloads and scale computing and storage as needed.

By combining KVM full virtualization with lightweight containers, Proxmox VE provides maximum flexibility. Plus, it has built-in support for Ceph, making it an excellent choice for your virtualization needs.

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Migrating to Proxmox VE: Your Compass to Seamless VM Movement

Migrate your virtual machines (VMs) to the powerful and open-source Proxmox VE platform easily. Our solution brief outlines various methods and considerations for a smooth and efficient transition.


VMware Converter: The official tool, free and straightforward, is potentially slower for large-scale migrations.

Third-party tools: Advanced features like deduplication and scripting automation, often paid.

Physical-to-Virtual (P2V): Convert physical servers to VMs compatible with Proxmox VE.

Direct import/export: Export VMs as OVF files to import them directly into Proxmox VE.

Key Considerations

Storage: Choose the best storage migration approach (shared, local, SAN/NAS).

Network: Ensure proper network configuration transfer during migration.

Compatibility: Verify VM compatibility with Proxmox VE hardware and software.

Testing: Test chosen methods on non-critical VMs before production environments.

Benefits of Proxmox VE:

Open-source, cost-effective platform.

Powerful virtualization features.

Flexible and scalable architecture.

Ready to Start?


Proxmox VE Subscriptions: 

Choose the level that best suits your support needs, from Basic to Premium support with remote access. All subscriptions grant access to the complete feature set of Proxmox VE, including:

  • High availability clustering (HA): Ensure continuous uptime with automatic failover.
  • Multi-master configuration: Simplify scaling and load balancing.
  • Advanced backup options: Implement snapshots, disaster recovery, and cloud backups.
  • Ceph integration: Leverage object storage capabilities.
  • And many more …

croit: Your Expertise Ally:

Gain access to a team of certified Proxmox specialists with over ten years of experience, offering:

  • Customized solutions: Get an approach tailored to your specific environment and goals, whether performance optimization, security hardening, or infrastructure consolidation.
  • Seamless migration: Minimize downtime and data loss during your transition to Proxmox VE.
  • Knowledge transfer: Empower your IT staff with in-depth training and workshops to effectively manage and troubleshoot your platform.

The Synergy Effect:

Combining Proxmox VE’s powerful features with croit’s expertise creates a winning synergy:

  • Faster ROI: Leverage advanced features effectively and optimize your environment for maximum efficiency, leading to quicker investment returns.
  • Reduced Risks: Minimize downtime and security vulnerabilities with expert guidance and proactive management.
  • Empowered IT Team: Gain the knowledge and confidence to manage your Proxmox VE effectively, reducing reliance on external support.
  • Peace of Mind: Enjoy a stable, secure, and high-performing virtualization environment, knowing you have expert support at your fingertips.


Gain Control with croit’s Open-Source Consulting:

croit’s certified Proxmox, Ceph, and DAOS experts deliver tailored solutions to fit your needs. Go beyond features – optimize performance, enhance security, and consolidate infrastructure.

Migrate smoothly to your chosen platform with minimal downtime. Enjoy ongoing support and knowledge transfer for your IT team.

Leverage expert guidance to unlock faster ROI, reduce risks, and provide peace of mind.


Skill Up Your Team with croit’s Open-Source Training

Don’t settle for basic functionality. Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to unlock the full potential of your open-source infrastructure — partner with roit for personalized training solutions to accelerate your virtualization and storage success.

Empower your IT staff with:

  • In-depth learning: Master installation, configuration, and administration in hands-on workshops or tailored programs.
  • Accredited instructors: Gain practical knowledge from experienced professionals.
  • Real-world scenarios: Use relevant courses and virtual labs to prepare for your unique challenges.

Investing in your team means:

  • Increased efficiency: Optimize performance and reduce downtime.
  • Enhanced security: Implement robust practices and mitigate vulnerabilities.
  • Faster problem resolution: Empower your team for independent troubleshooting.
  • Reduced reliance on external support: Build internal expertise and save costs.

Contact croit today to discuss your training needs!

croit for Ceph Storage Management

croit Ceph is a software-defined storage appliance that installs or upgrades Ceph in minutes, allowing organizations to manage 40 Petabytes per administrator.

In combination with Proxmox and organization can replace VMWare and VSAN with a scalable feature-rich solution with far lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  

Because of this out-of-the-box integration, there’s no need for gluing pieces together manually or struggling with iSCSI.

croit Ceph is a software appliance that upgrades to both the latest available production Linux and Ceph versions for trouble-free reliable systems.

Because Ceph is inherently a multi-site replication and/or erasure-coding platform, there’s no need for complex integrations of primary and secondary storage platforms.  Your data is where you want it to be, according to policies you define.

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