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The new v1801 major release of croit pushes the boundaries of current storage technology

We are proud to announce the release of croit v1801, featuring countless new features and improvements. This release focuses on NFS, S3, and CephFS for multi-service providers. Read the full blog article to learn more about our CephFS file explorer, improved S3 management, and many more features.

croit at Ceph Day Darmstadt, Germany on Feb 7th 2018

croit is about to present the latest innovations in Ceph Storage Cluster Management at Ceph Day Darmstadt on February 7th. Co-Founder Paul Emmerich will be on stage in Darmstadt to present the latest developments at croit.

Ceph Luminous is out! update to croit v1710 and get a bunch of new features

We are proud to announce the release of croit v1710, featuring an fully automated update to Ceph Luminous (v12.2). A number of further features will make your croit experience more stable and convenient. Read the full blog article to learn more about upgrading, BlueStore, NFS, logging, and many more.

croit at Ceph Day Stockholm, Sweden on Oct 18th 2017

croit is about to present the latest innovations in Ceph Storage Cluster Management at Ceph Day Stockholm on October 18th. Co-Founder Paul Emmerich will be on stage in Stockhom to present the latest developments at croit.

Follow the live status of the current development

Since we've been asked frequently which features we have on the roadmap, we've started to maintain a Trello board retrospectively from release 1708. The board contains planned and developed functions as well as already completed functions, sorted by release version.

Ceph v12.2.1 Luminous released

Matching the v1710 which we will release in a few days, the Ceph developers have done a great job and released the first Ceph Luminous bugfix relase v12.2.1.

Creating a backup of your croit configuration

It's essential to create a reliable backup of the settings for your production-use croit clusters. Please find below an example of how to trigger and restore the backup.

New croit Software release v1708 now available

In our continues effort to make croit the best Ceph Management Solution, we are proud to announce the v1708 release to the Public. As usual we have a lot of great improvements to make your croit Ceph cluster even more superior.

New Feature: Cluster Maintenance

For better handling of Cluster Maintenance, we now provide a new view to simply enable or disable Ceph flags.

New Feature: Placement Group (PG) Management

Sometimes bad things happens to your hard drives. When it comes to errors, a simple and easy function to scrub, deep-scrub or repair your PG is wanted. From now on, you can execute those commands within seconds.

croit now based on Debian Strech Stable Release

In our great effort to provide best usability, we started with the stretch release as the Operating System. From today on, croit Software is based on Debian 9 (stretch) stable release.

New Feature: High Availability Groups

Reliability is a major requirement for storage clusters in our Opinion. Therefore we intregrated a new HA feature, that keeps your NFS Service on a virtual IP address up&running all the time, even when a server goes offline.

New Feature: CephFS and NFS

In order to enable further use cases easy and conviniently, our Nightly Build is now offering two new features to set up CephFS with Metadata Servers (MDS) and to optionally export this file system via NFS.

croit at Ceph Day - Warsaw, Polen

Warsaw, Poland - 25.04.2017 -croit GmbH presented the publishing of their first beta version of croit's recently developed Ceph Storage Management Solution during Ceph Day Warsaw. croit has been working for some time on an innovative software to significantly reduce complexity in managing ceph storage solutions.

New Feature: RadosGW with S3 RESTful API

We're delighted to announce that from release April 1st 2017, our software includes first basic functions for providing ceph RESTful S3 API with RadowGW.

croit at Ceph Day - San Jose, California

San Jose, CA - 17.03.2017 - Croit gmbH is delighted to present their new ceph storage management solution in public at Ceph Day, San Jose. Croit has been working on an innovative solution to facilitate the so far rather complex management of ceph

A short history of croit

"Experience is our greatest motivation" - A short history of founding croit GmbH and creating our product