About croit
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#Our company

croit GmbH was founded in January of 2017 by Martin Verges, Matthias Grandl and Paul Emmerich. The common goal was to bring the extensive knowledge of at the time more than 5 years of Ceph operation into a software solution, so that other companies and administrators are enabled to use Ceph stable and reliable.

Ceph itself is a development that was originally initiated by Sage Weil, and is now located in the Ceph Foundation. croit GmbH is a founding member of the Ceph Foundation and active member of the Ceph community.

Today croit has hundreds of customers worldwide, from small businesses to medium-sized companies and global corporations. With our strong worldwide distributed staff and freelancers, we can provide professional assistance around the clock.

As of now, the company is completely privately owned by Martin Verges, Matthias Grandl and Andy Muthmann. There are no dependencies on other companies, no debts and no outside capital. Thanks to a solid economy and year-over-year growth of over 100%, we are happy to keep it that way.

#Our Vision

Our vision is to enable our customers to use smart technologies. Our focus is on the greatest possible customer orientation, simplicity and reliability. Ceph was chosen as the first technology to be implemented because it is an excellent solution for current and future data storage. Further topics have already been identified and are in internal prototype development.