The latest updates


configure S3 bucket versioning

Added option for multiple active MDS services

Support configuring per-pool BlueStore compression.


Support separate DB and WAL devices.
When creating OSDs, DB and WAL devices can now be specified separately. Previously, croit only supported specifying a single device for both; it would use partition size to determine whether to store only the WAL or both DB and WAL on the device.

Fall back to iproute2 if no MAC is found.
This change allows InfiniBand NICs in IPoIB mode to work with croit.

Make bash history upgrade proof and add timestamps to bash history.

Remove kernel commandline dracut template.
croit doesn't provide CentOS images anymore; this removes support for booting CentOS entirely.

Add /api/audit API.


Wipe disks on all servers in parallel.
When wiping disks in multiple servers, each server can now wipe a disk at the same time.

Fix LDAP query for account name.

Add Task Advisor warning for non-highly-available MDS setups.
croit will now warn when there are too few standby/standby-replay MDS.

Prevent removing admin role from only admin account.
croit will prevent users from locking themselves out of their croit instance. To restore the initial admin account (username and password admin) use the /root/ script.

Add destroy flag to /api/disks/wipe.
This allows reusing an OSD ID when wiping an OSD.


Make LDAP search for groups configurable.
There are new groupClassName and memberAttributeName options in config.yml.

Fix LDAP search request for OpenLDAP.

Add initial hosts to CRUSH map.
croit will now add hosts to the CRUSH map during cluster creation.


Refactor MDS output in cluster status.

Set default ceph release to Octopus.

Detect current ceph release when importing cluster.

Fix rolling service restart for OSDs.

Monitor OSD fragmentation in Task Advisor and disk view.

Add API support for ceph osd pool deep-scrub <pool>.


Add experimental LXC container support.

Set pg_num_min when creating a pool.

Add option for disabling CPU idle states.

Add "OSD Statistics" view.
This view replaces the read/write/subop latency and data balance graphs for improved performance on large clusters.

Fix memory hungry CRUSH map view on large clusters.

Fix invalid PW/username for iSCSI client.

Make Samba virtual IPs work without creating a network in croit.

Fix old ceph configs still containing underscores in their name.

Only activate OSDs 120s after boot.

Add OSD pause flag in Maintenance view.

Show management node in ping metrics.


Fix storing bond MAC addresses.
Previously bond MACs were stored improperly allowing only one of the bonded NICs to be used for booting.

Support Samba with sssd.

Restart nfs service when changing filesystem path of an export.

Check for OSDs running ShallowFSCK when upgrading ceph.

Remove support for S3 over NFS.

Allow editing MAC addresses.
This feature can be used when replacing NICs in a server while the server is turned off.

Store backup on MONs.
croit will now store a daily, unencrypted backup on all MON hosts in /var/lib/ceph/mon/

Restart dhcpd when DHCP template is updated.

Add view for rbd perf image iostat.

Implement S3 bucket policy management.

Clean graphite stats after two weeks.

Recreate default CRUSH rule after creating OSDs.

Set MDS to Active/Hot/Cold configuration by default.

Fix dmidecode RAM parsing.

Sort Task Advisor tasks by severity.

Add OnRbdSnapshotComplete hook.

Experimental support for podman.

Fix iSCSI exports in non-default network.

Show targets column in Snapshot Schedule view.

Make templates available during cluster setup.