• croit - Infinite Scalability

croit recently announced on ABNewswire the ability support the notion of near-infinite storage, which from a media and marketing point of view means the ability to scale past the requirements of most organizations that require data storage, as well as past what most typical enterprise storage alternatives can support.   From a technical standpoint, that means the ability of the software to scale to many Petabytes per cluster without any predetermined technical limit in the design of croit for Ceph. This press release was re-posted up by over 400 news publications.  

croit made this announcement to emphasize that scalable open-source storage as a category shouldn’t be discounted as just an abstract idea. CERN made the announcement that they have actually achieved a total of 1 Exabyte from their implementations of both Ceph and their own in-house open source creation.

The quote from Martin Verges highlights that this category of scale isn’t just for organizations that can afford to hire any army of developers – any organization could use croit to achieve a similar scale.  There’s no technical reason to the contrary.

Of course the results of any particular organization’s installation of croit for Ceph will vary according to the network and the hardware selected. But with sufficient hardware and adherence to best practices, it should be possible for an organization to scale a croit for Ceph cluster to tens of Petabytes and implement a collection of Ceph clusters perhaps to a similar scale as what CERN has achieved.

You might also notice that we’ve made a “soft” announcement of an implied partnership with ownCloud. ownCloud is one of many applications where Ceph is an ideal storage platform due to the ability to scale.

More to come. Stay tuned.