Setting up NFS

You can both access your CephFS block storage and S3 object storage with our NFS gateways.


The process is quite similar for either:

NFS Service Creation

Once the services are created you will be redirected to the NFS view.


Now to access the created NFS gateways, you need to create an Export:

  • Press + Add export
  • Enter the NFS export path
  • CephFS: Enter the filesystem path you want to to export
  • S3: Select Bucket and User you want to export
  • Add permissions
NFS Export creation

Note: Each gateway can only have either CephFS or S3 exports. If you need both types of exports, create two NFS gateways.

#High Availability

Clients can connect to any NFS gateway directly. However you probably want to make it highly available by setting up a failover. Learn how to do so here.